Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blood Work Update 1/7/2014

We heard back on Emma's blood work. Everything came back normal!! No Lupus. She goes back to the hematologist next Tuesday. It looks like her ITP was acute, we are hoping. We continue to watch for unusual bruising & bleeding. Her last Platelet Count was 191,000!  She is happy to get back to Volleyball :) !

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Emma's rheumatology Appt. Dec. 31,2013

Emma met with a Rheumatologists at Vanderbilt Children's yesterday. Her CBC results were all normal, her platelets were 191,000. The Rheumatologists completed more "specialized" blood work & a urine tests for Lupus. Some results have returned with a few high numbers in her urine sample, I'm not sure if those results mean anything or not. Other tests have been sent out to an outside lab, those results should be back in a week or so.
Here platelets seemed to have rebound, which is really good news.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Update Dec. 4, 2013

Em photo-bombing on Virginia Trip

Em had her Hematology appointment today. Thankfully her platelets are up to 211,000, such a relief. Emma's  genetic testing included; MYH9, Bernard soulier, Von Willebrand, Factor viii. These are the most common genetic blood disorders that doctors test when there is another person in the family who has a blood disorder. There still is the possibility that her Low Platelet Count is genetic but not a common genetic disorder but something more rare. 

The doctor has also eliminated Blood Cancers via blood work. 

Emma's testing also included an ANA test to check for autoimmune disorders, her ANA results were a bit high for a child, but she tested negative for specific autoimmune Disorders, which was odd. Since she has high ANA results, the hematologists consulted with a Rheumatologist and the Rheumatologist wants to see Emma. We go next week. 

Emma is still on a Wait and Watch right now & process of elimination. We are hoping her ITP is an acute case (short lived). However, there is a possibility that her platelets can lower again when she gets colds, flu, other illnesses.  Sometimes it is possible for some people to be more prone to lower platelets when they get sick. 

So we have some answers, some good news and relief.  Tommy also had his nose cauterized due to several, heavy nose bleeds since he was a baby. The school nurse mentioned he had nose bleeds at school too.  So good news- He has not had a nose bleed in 1 month !

The best thing anyone can do is to tell friends, family, teachers, co-workers etc. about ITP. Sometimes, (very rarely) parents do not know their child has ITP and it is too late. Sometimes children with ITP endure rounds of infusions and treatments to keep their platelets at a normal level. ITP is a disorder diagnosed by a process of elimination, low platelets can be caused by a wide range of illnesses ranging from Cancer to the common cold. Here is a link to learn about causes and symptoms-  ITP CAUSES  .